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At last we’ve sought help

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We as a nation have finally asked for God's help. How wonderful it is to have invitations everywhere inviting God to bless America. It has been too many years since we asked him to do what we ourselves cannot do. And where is the ACLU? Are they offended that we ask for God's help — the only one who really can help us? We do need God's help, not just after a terrorist attack but always — that we might be warned of impending danger before it befalls us.

And since we have invited God back for awhile, let's ask him to bless all Americans. All of us need his help. Let's pray for the aged, the unborn, the Buddhist, the Christian, Arab, Jew, male, female, athlete, drug addict, the impoverished, the leader, the artist, the unemployed and everyone in between who doesn't feel he or she is needed or loved.

Now that our hearts are turning in the right direction, let's get our hands working to help God out. Let's serve each other, caring and giving all we can. Let's invite God to stay.

Cerrie Erickson