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‘Consultant’ is victimizer

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Larry Anderson, working as a "consultant" for Envirocare Corp. and at the same time in a position of state regulator for the same company, is an outrageous conflict of interest. State bureaucrats are famous for destroying small businesses and treating large business less harshly.

I had a small chemical company that worked on a Defense Department contract to supply a catalyst for a plastics reaction (which made a plastic body for a weapons system), which used a low level radioactive metal in its chemical formula. Anderson was very hard to deal with, giving no help in complying with his interpretation of the regulations, not available when called on the phone, embarrassing me in front of his inspectors, laughing at my presentations for remedial compliance. His strict interpretations and general meanness eventually destroyed my business.

A small business can't afford lawyers at $150 per hour to try to protect iself against a tyrant with all the resources of the government behind him who doesn't have to put up a cent for any lawyer. Mr. Semnani was right to be afraid of Anderson's making him an "offer he couldn't refuse." I wish we had been offered consulting services, although we couldn't afford to give him cash, gold coins, condominium, etc. His greed and tyranny has now been exonerated (money, gold watches, condo, etc.) except for his tax evasion.

I hope he receives a large measure of the injustice and damage that he has done to us. What goes around, comes around. He needs some jail time to think over his past merciless actions. The penalty for tax evasion should be just as merciless.

John P. Larsen

former owner, Orion Chem. Co.