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13 items added to Legislature’s agenda

SHARE 13 items added to Legislature’s agenda

Gov. Mike Leavitt added 13 items to the Legislature's special session call, increasing the possibility that the session could drag on into Monday.

Several items deal with law officers during the Olympics, security during the Olympics and helping state workers called into military action because of the terrorist attacks.

The new items are:

Change repayment plan for revenue bond for the Huntsman cancer hospital.

Readopt a contract law invalided in the Deseret News lawsuit against the Newspaper Agency Corp. and Salt Lake Tribune.

Change certification date by which political parties must say if they are holding a closed primary.

Require licensing of attorneys.

Resolution condemning attacks on Muslims and Arabs.

Extend arrest authority of federal and out-of-state law officers during 2002 Winter Games.

Provide workers' compensation to out-of-state law officers during the Games.

Increase penalties for rioting and false alarms.

Continue state portion of insurance for state workers called into active duty armed forces.

Rename the Utah Professional Athletic Commission in honor of the late Sen. Pete Suazo, D-Salt Lake.

Change in municipal classification by population.

Resolution asking federal government to harvest infested trees to protect forest health.

Change tobacco settlement funding law to comply with Utah Constitution.