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Exhibiting artists at ZCMI Center

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Rob Adamson: "Salt Lake Main Street At Night"

John Berry: "Untold Years"

John Berry: "Fallen Monarch"

Jeff W. Brandt: "Abandoned Oquirrhs"

Lesa Brienholt-Udall: "Foothills"

Linda Budd: "Mount Olympus from Sugarhouse Park"

Robert Vern Bullough: "East Fork of the Bear"

Dave Burton: "Timpanogos"

Dave Burton: "Old Home"

Russell Case: "Near Hurricane"

Rob Colvin: "Breaking Storm"

Sandra Cooney: "Serenity"

Carole H. Evans: "Misty Field"

Carole H. Evans: "Color Fields #6"

Kindra Fehr: "Heaven's Dance"

Paul Ferney: "Yellowstone"

Bonnie Frucci: "View of Antelope Island"

Jay W. Green: "Dawn at the South Rim"

Laurel Hart: "Wall Street"

Phil Hopkins: "The Three Gossips"

Tom Howard: "Meadow, Willows Flat"

Collene K. Howe: "Clouds Near Santa Fe"

Collene K. Howe: "Plowed Under"

Richard Hsieh: "The Old Factory in Murray, Utah"

John Hughes: "Devil's Castle: Alta, Utah"

John Hughes: "June Hayfield"

Cara Koolmees: "East Canyon Marina"

Suzanne Lancaster: "Hickman Bridge"

Bill Laursen: "A Bend in the Road"

Rebecca Livermore: "Early Summer, Devil's Castle"

Craig Ivan Matthews: "West Temple #47"

Jeff Mauger: "Urban Patchwork"

Jeff Mauger: "October Desert"

David Meike: "Newton Fields"

David Meike: "Trenton Hill"

Chris Miles: "Wasatch"

Chris Miles: "Grand Wash, Capitol Reef: Air"

Ronald L. Molen: "Torrey August"

Nora Del Murdock: "Brigham Canyon"

Nora Del Murdock: "Montana Vastness"

Gregory L. Newbold: "Scattered Sunshine"

Cassandira Parsons: "Spring City"

Karrie Baldwin Penny: "Behind the Town"

Mohsin Salimi: "Side Way"

Roger Sorensen: "Lake Powell, Symphony of Color"

Brad Teare: "Desert Path"