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Summer photos can say thank you

SHARE Summer photos can say thank you

How quickly we fall into the back-to-school routine of packing lunches, cheering at weekly football games and hunting for stored boxes of sweatshirts and woolly socks. No wonder the stacks of summer photos we finally had developed jolted me. In an instant, I relived the recent memories of spotting elk at my brother's home in the Colorado mountains, sending my son off to camp with a disposable camera tucked in his backpack, and signing the visa for my eldest son's study trip to South Africa. Whether it was a cousin, camp counselor or teacher, many people shared of themselves to make the summer special, and we owe them a big thank-you!

It's not too late for your kids to let special people know they're appreciated. Here are some creative thank-yous using your summer photos:

Let your kids show just how much they enjoyed seeing their grandparents this summer by making a thank-you magnet. Glue a favorite photo from their visit to a piece of cardboard cut slightly larger than the photo. Decorate the border with tiny shells from the beach or mini pine cones from a walk in the woods, or make drawings of the things you saw together. Glue a small magnet from a craft store to the back and send to Nana and Papa with love!

Order doubles of your vacation pictures and use the copies to make "thank-you" postcards. Draw a line down the middle of the back, write a message, address it and send it as you would a standard postcard. If your child received a gift from the person during the visit, send a thank-you photo showing your child using it.

Make a "What I'm Thankful For" mini album with your preschooler. Sort through your summer pictures or help your young shutterbug take additional pictures of family members, friends, pets, trees, flowers and objects your child appreciates most. Your child will enjoy thumbing through the pages telling stories of people, places and things he or she is grateful for.

© Donna Erickson