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Don’t discriminate, sue

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The article printed in the Deseret News about Kareem Alasady and his traveling companions being denied passage on a Northwest Airlines flight is a regrettable situation indeed.

However, with the trauma being felt by the nation and the world in regards to the insidious act in New York, I am sure emotions are high, especially in the travel business.

There is no place in America for discrimination against anyone because of race or religion.

I am very concerned with the comment that Alasady is going to see an attorney. This is not what Americans or people who are in the country legally should be doing at the time of the horrific tragedy in America. The suffering for those who have died and were trapped awaiting rescue, the families who have lost husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, children and loved ones.

Shame on Alasady or anyone else who would use this time of mourning to seek ways to make a profit on the fate of those who have suffered so much.

J. Cash Delahunty

Salt Lake City