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Apology offered for UEA timing

Sorensen sorry about Yom Kippur conflict

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Utah Education Association President Phyllis Sorensen apologized to the Jewish community Thursday for beginning the UEA's convention on the most sacred of Jewish holidays, Yom Kippur.

"I apologize to the Jewish community and our Jewish members for scheduling our convention on this sacred day. I assure you it was inadvertent . . . and I can assure you it will never happen again," Sorensen said to about 1,000 teachers attending the opening session at the Salt Palace.

Sorensen also included remarks about the sacred day of atonement and some of the traditions of the Jewish community on this day in her speech. She asked for God's blessing on the Jewish community in an opening prayer.

She said the UEA has been in contact with the Jewish community over the scheduling problem.

The UEA convention, traditionally held in early October, was bumped into September this year because of problems scheduling the Salt Palace. The Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau said the teachers convention doesn't bring in as much money as national conventions would during the popular October time slot.

Next year the UEA meeting will be Nov. 14 and 15, and the November time slot is expected to continue every year thereafter.