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Rocky is a ‘horror’ show

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The Rocky Anderson "horror" show continues as Deeda Seed, a devoted liberal and former colleague abruptly resigns as Mayor Anderson's chief of staff. ("Seed is glad she's free," Deseret News, Sept. 21). If a conservative mayor had the horrible track record that Mayor Anderson has with his former staff, the public, particularly those liberal bastions in Salt Lake City, we would be crying for that mayor's resignation. This will not happen.

The liberal left in Salt Lake City refuses to criticize the mayor, even though committed and competent public servants resign or are fired from city employment by its "hero," Rocky Anderson.

Like the followers of Bill Clinton, the left remains silent because it can count on Rocky's support of its beloved issues and advancing the agenda of its allies in the ACLU and the gay and lesbian community. Of course, the mayor stands for tolerance and diversity, so long as you do not disagree with him.

G. Kevin Jones

Salt Lake City