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ACLU isn’t anti-religion

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I agree with many of Doug Robinson's points in his column ("Terrorists bring us together," Sept. 18), but he shows incredible ignorance when he writes, "Religion has made a big comeback, and the ACLU hasn't uttered a word in protest."

His statement makes the ACLU sound like an enemy of religion. ACLU protests aren't trying to eliminate religion. Those so-called protests only are trying to stop government or government-funded agencies from foisting a particular religion upon all of us. By showing no preference, our government makes it possible for all of us, in our uniquely American diversity, to join together in prayer or just deep thought, whether we are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or secular humanist.

By not favoring a particular religion, all religions are protected. It even makes it possible for such a diverse group to come together to fight against terrorism. That is our country's strength. I hope that Doug someday will come to understand the ACLU's role in protecting that strength.

Ben Ling

Park City