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Stake celebrates its history

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BIRMINGHAM, England — The Birmingham England Stake celebrated its history at a gathering on September 22, drawing former stake members from as far away as Wales. This year is the 32nd anniversary of the stake's creation.

Memorabilia relating to the stake was displayed including a book containing minutes of meetings of the British Mission from 1934-1936. The book had been rescued from a bonfire in 1962. One sister attending the celebration recognized a picture of her family in the book as well as her great-grandparents' home where meetings were held. Also included in the display were newspaper clippings. One youth who was looking through them recognized in one picture his grandfather who now lives in South Africa.

A souvenir book is being compiled of the past and the present of the stake.

Youth attending a dance during the event showed a great deal of interest in the past which older members of the stake have experienced as they viewed the display.