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Cell phones: next plague

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I am writing down what I feel may be the next biggest "plague" to hit this country. Cell phones (and I have one!). They are ultra convenient, and a lot of us can't imagine life without them. But they're like cigarettes, they're addicting. I feel obligated to carry mine at all times, yet when I'm out of my calling area I am so relieved to not have to carry it with me.

The root of the problem, as I have noticed, is the idea that having a cell phone attached to your ear excuses people from things like: holding doors for others, acknowledging people at places of business when ordering or requiring service, using turn signals or even looking before changing lanes or pulling out of side streets. The effect cell phones have on humans' rudeness and personality in public is epidemic.

For those states with current laws or states considering legislation for cell phones, I applaud. What did young people think this country did prior to the invention of the cell phones? Well, it got along just fine! Oh yes, I'm a hypocrite because I own one, but I wish sometimes that I would lose it. Actually, I wish everyone would.

One last thought, is it wise to give cell phones to kids, young girls especially, when their accident rates in vehicles are already at an alarming number?

I realize cell phones will never go away, but I think everyone should realize the impact their actions have on others when they decide to use their cell phone at a particular time, such as driving or entering a place of business where a friendly "hello" would be appropriate while ordering.

Scott Sluis