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A thanks to many

I would like to thank everyone involved in the recovery of my son, Salt Lake Police Sgt. Jim Faraone, from his wrecked vehicle and their valiant attempt to revive him after he was struck by a car Sept. 18, 2001, while assisting a motorist involved in an unrelated, earlier accident.

Special thanks to Salt Lake City Police Chief Rick Dinse, Airport Authority Chief Marty Vuyk, all officers of the Salt Lake City Police Department, Mayor Rocky Anderson, members of the Salt Lake City Council, Officer Jeff Faraone (Jim's brother), officers of the FBI, Sen. Orrin Hatch who called, and all officers in attendance. The professionalism and compassion shown by all officers involved goes beyond description. I commend you and salute you.

I would also like to give a special thanks to Bishop Wendel Burt and his wife, Debbie, the twin pillars of the Granite 8th Ward. I love you.

I would also like to express my love to Dee and Chris Giles for providing our family with the finest hospitality. I give thanks to President Dean M. Kennington — his very presence gave us strength and inner peace — as well as Mark and Tammie Petersen who were responsible for lining the streets with our nation's flag for the funeral procession. Thanks to Steve and Bonnie Carter for helping in every way.

I also give great thanks to all the people who attended the services and to those who lined the procession route. Thanks to all the fine people of the Granite 8th Ward. It was truly a great tribute.

On behalf of Jim's family, a humble thank you from a proud father.

Peter S. Faraone

Coloma, Mich.