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Leaning Tower of Pisa reopens in December

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PISA, Italy — Pisa's Leaning Tower will be reopened to the public in December, more than a decade after it was closed to visitors to allow workers to try to reduce its slant.

City officials said Saturday that tourists will be allowed to make the dizzying climb up the tower starting Dec. 15 but that it remains to be determined how many tourists will be let in and how far up they will be allowed to go.

Experts have said that the old days of unlimited visitors are over for the tower, which had been gradually tipping farther and farther over.

By using hundreds of tons of lead counterweights at the base and extracting soil from under the foundations, engineers shaved 17 inches off the lean and guided the tower back to where it was in 1838.

The tower now leans 13.5 feet off the perpendicular.

Construction of the tower was started in the late 12th century. It began to lean in the sandy soil almost immediately.