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Bank robbers launch hostage drama in Indiana

SHARE Bank robbers launch hostage drama in Indiana

LOWELL, Ind. (AP) — A group of people were taken hostage Tuesday morning during a bank robbery, and two adults and a child were released hours later, police said.

Police initially reported there were nine hostages, but news reports put the number as high as 20. Authorities negotiated with the gunman for the release of the three hostages, Deputy Lake County police chief Melvin Maxwell said.

Three people were escorted from the bank, two initially and then a third after authorities dropped a large bag at the door.

No information was available on the condition of the remaining hostages in the Centier Bank, but police surrounded the building and FBI agents were on the scene.

Nearby Lowell High School was locked down because of the standoff, as were two nearby restaurants and five schools farther away from the bank.

"We're just kind of sitting tight here," said town administrator Rick Dal Corobbo. "We were told not to be really moving around, because the city is in chaos."