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Local births

American Fork Hospital-

AGOSTINI, Kimberlee and Roland Armond, American Fork, girl, girl, Aug. 16.

AMUNDSEN, Kristin Kay and Cory Linley, Lehi, boy, Aug. 15.

ANDREASON, Marrie Jane, Provo, girl, Aug. 15.

ATKINSON, Rachel Ann and Jeff Davies, American Fork, girl, Aug. 15,

CARTER,. Tammie Lucile and Shaun Paul, Springville, boy, Aug. 15.

CLARK, Nancy Lynn and Christopher Ronald, Provo, boy, Aug. 16.

EASTMOND, Christine and Scott Edward, Lehi, boy, Aug. 15.

LDS Hospital-

BUDGE, Sunny and Timothy, Orem, boy, Aug. 15.

CHECKETTS, Cassandra and Spencer, Bountiful, boy, Aug. 15.

FINLINSON, Thelma and David, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 15.

HALEY, Linsey and Lamar, Bountiful, girl, Aug. 15.

MANCINI, Melanie and John, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 15.

McKENDRICK, Ladonalee and Monty, Grantsville, boy, Aug. 15.

NIELSON, Melanie and Ryan, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 15.

NELSON, Joselyn and Michael, West Valley City, boy, Aug. 15.

ROWBERRY, Heather and Russell, West Valley City, boy, Aug. 15.

SEEGMILLER, Rebecca and Michael, Bountiful, girl, Aug. 15.

WHITE, Kathryn and Kelly, South Jordan, boy, Aug. 15.

Pioneer Valley Hospital

BAKER, Heather and WILSON, Jeremy, Kearns, girl, August 29

BLANKE, Jessica and EVANS, Jeremy, West Valley City, girl, August 27

FIVAS, Karly and Demetrius, Tooele, girl, August 29

GOMEZ, Liz and Gustavo, Magna, girl, August 27

KAUFANA, Mele and Andrew, West Valley City, girl, August 28

KAUFUSI, Mele sungu and O'fa, Salt Lake City, boy, August 27

MIETCHEN, Michelle and Craig, West Valley City, girl, August 27

PECKHAM, Brooke and Jeremy, West Valley City, girl, August 27

TELLEZ, Daysi and Gonzalo, Kearns, boy, August 28

VANDENHAZEL, Emily and Patrick, Kearns, girl, August 29.

St. Mark's Hospital

ACOCKS, Susan and Peiter, Riverton, girl, Aug. 25.

BARROWMAN, Loraine and Stephen LeRoy, Monroe, girl, August 28

BIGELOW, Marie Ann and Terrence William, Centerfield, boy, August 27

BOX, Emily Jane, and VIAVANT Christopher Robin, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 24.

CARTER, Andrea Kay and LeRoy Shane, Salt Lake City, boy, August 27

CAWLEY, Mandie Lee and Desmond Rea, Midvale, twin girls, August 27

CLAPP, Julie Christina and Edwin Christian, West Valley City, girl, Aug. 24.

CLARK, Laurelin, Riverton, boy, Aug. 20.

COLLOTZI, Julie and Kevin Brian, Murray, twin girls, August 27

COX, Michelle Venia Bonnie and Donald Ray, Midvale, boy, Aug. 20.

CURTIS, Marie Frances and Norman Dean III, Tooele, boy, Aug. 24.

FRAZIER, Alma Marie, Magna, boy, Aug. 21.

GENOVESI, Jill Christina, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 21.

GIERLOFF, Brianna Marie, Midvale, girl, Aug. 20.

HAYES, Barbara Jean and Jeffrey Edward, West Jordan, boy, Aug. 21.

HENSON, Sheryl Lee and Anthony Robert, Salt Lake City, boy, August 27

HUGHES, Angela Jean and Rusty Brian, Tooele, boy, Aug. 25.

JENKINS, Heidi Melanie and Eric Wilford, Salt Lake City, girl, August 28

JESSOP, Jennifer Marie and Brian Dale Jr., Salt Lake City, girl, August 28

LAIKASK, Juanita and Adam Matt, Salt Lake City, boy, August 27

LAMB, Cassy Lynn and Gregory George, Salt Lake City, girl, August 27

LEOTA, Nina and Francis, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 20.

LONSER, Carolyn Moya and Russell Roland, Salt Lake City, girl, August 28

LOWE, Shannon Lynn, West Valley City, girl, August 28

MAGERA, Chanda Dawn, Kearns, girl, August 28

MARTINEZ, Cathy Mae and Daniel, West Jordan, girl, Aug. 26.

NELSON, Gina Lynn and Trenten Keith, Salt Lake City, girl, August 28

NOBLE, Summer and Steven James, Park City, twins, two girls, Aug. 25.

OBBARD, Susan Lynn and Alexander Fraser, Salt Lake City, twins, boy and girl, Aug. 26.

OLSZANSKYJ, Maura and Serge John, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 25.

PEHRSON, Heather Lynn and John Jeffrey, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 22.

RICHARD, Stacie Michele and Sherone Paul, Murray, girl, Aug. 25.

ROACH, Amber Leigh, West Valley City, twin girls, August 28

STILSON, April and Derek, West Jordan, girl, Aug. 24.

SUMMERHAYS, Krissie Ling and Michael Allen, Salt Lake City, girl, August 28

WILCOCK, Mindy Lou and Russell Bryon, Taylorsville, boy, Aug. 21.

WRIGHT, Valerie and Ronald Christopher, West Valley City, girl, August 20

YOUNG, Gretchen and Daniel Frank, South Salt Lake, boy, Aug. 21.

Timpanogos Regional Hospital

ANDERSON, Kanani Shandiin, Orem, boy, August 17

ANGEL, Lisa Ellen and Jeffrey Scott, American Fork, girl, August 15

BAKER, Angela Catherine, Charlotte, boy, August 6

BARNEY, Shawna Rose, Orem, girl, August 6

BILLINGS, Vinnaasia Lurece, Atlanta, Georgia, boy, August 1

BREIT, Kara Lynne and Aaron Todd, Provo, girl, August 2

BROWNLEE, Tifanie Page and Michael Shayne, Lehi, girl, August 15

BRUNT, Randi M. and George Harman, Provo, boy, August 7

BUTTERFIELD, Codi Ann and Kelton Reed, Lehi, girl, August 14

CAMPBELL, Rebecca and David Duane, Provo, boy, August 16

GOLDSBERRY, Staci T. and Martin Call, Clinton, girl, August 5

GOODWIN, Tomena Sue and Troy Dean, Provo, boy, August 10

GREGORY, Kelly and Troy Stephen, Lindon, boy, August 1

HARDY, Temple Dianne and Darren Abdiel, Springville, girl, August 19

HAWK, Maria Anne and Jeremy Eric, Provo, boy, August 18

HUNTER, Heather and Jason Royal, Orem, boy, August 10

JANSSEN, Celeste and Aaron Dean, Salem, girl, August 10

LINDBERG, Susan Michelle and Van Edward, Provo, girl, August 10

MacKAY, Jennifer Elizabeth and Benjamin Reynolds, Orem, girl, August 16

MAGEE, Julie Mae and Richard Martin, Provo, girl, August 6

MANCIL, Rebecca and Aaron Claude, Provo, boy, August 6

MERRILL, Carla Louise and Samuel Glenn Jr., Alpine, boy, August 19

MUHLENSTEIN, Julianne and Kerry Miles, Los Angeles, Calif., boy, August 19

NICHOLSON, Adriana and Mark Ulysses, Orem, boy, August 17

OLIVA, Diliciana and LAZARO, Jesus Rojas, Orem, boy, August 12

OLSEN, Laura and Mark Funk, Orem, boy, August 19

PHILLIPS, Crystal Marie and Jimmy Ray Jr., Springville, girl, August 6

PHILLIPS, Jamey Lyn, Spanish Fork, boy, August 16

PRATCHER, Cori Cristine and Larry Trent, Orem, boy, August 7

RAY, Stefanie L. and Mark Anthony, Santaquin, boy, August 15

RICH, Carmen Adele and Robert Shane, Provo, girl, August 12

SETTLE, Andrea and David Alan, Orem, boy, August 14

SIMISKEY, Mary Ann and Christopher Lee, Spanish Fork, girl, August 17

SIMS, Kaylynn Marcia and Mac Woodrow, Springville, boy, August 8

STONE, Priscilla Ann and Daniel Victor, Orem, girl, August 14

THAYN, Debbie Jo and Kevin Gregory, Orem, girl, August 10

THORNOCK, Trisha Marie and Tai Andrew, West Jordan, girl, August 16

TORRES, Edith Areli and Gregorio David,m Provo, girl, August 14

WESTOVER, Kayleen and Benjamin Harold, Orem, girl, August 10

WHATCOTT, Lisa Noele and Chet J., Orem, girl, August 2

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center

ADAMS, Brooke Kimberly and Ronald Curtis, Taylorsville, boy, August 18

AITKEN, Anne and Trevor John, Provo, girl, August 21

BAKER, Heather and Neal Kim, Orem, girl, August 21

BARRETTT, Julie and Jeffery Bruce, Springville, boy, Aug. 15.

BIGLER, Patricia Murl and Robert Sidney, Provo, girl, August 20

BLACK, Brenda Lee and Ty Mark, Orem, boy, August 20

BODILY, Emilee and Jarred, Springville, boy, Aug. 17.

BRANDT, Angela Beth and Michael, David, Orem, boy, Aug. 15.

BROWN, Gina and Andrew Blake, Lehi, girl, Aug. 16.

BROWN, Leah Mary and Brandon Michael, Orem, girl, August 20

CHILDS, Lindsey Ann and Christopher Reasch, Orem, girl, August 20

CHRISTENSEN, Sharon Louise and Mark Alan. Moroni, girl, August 20

CLAYTON, Maria Kimberly and Daniel James, Provo, girl, August 20

CORDERO, Nancy Amanda and Bradley Stewart, American Fork, boy, August 20

CROWDER, Katie Ann and Tyler Alan, Orem, girl, A'ug. 17.

DAVIS, Kathryn Anne and Clinton David, Provo, boy, Aug. 15.

DAYLEY, Shauna LeAnn and Aaron Bruce, Provo, girl, August 18

DECKER, Jami Kristin and Ryan Patrick, Orem, boy, Aug. 16.

DU TOIT, Patricia and Phillip, Provo, boy, Aug. 17.

ERICKSON, Catherine Lynne and Jeremy David, Provo, boy, August 21

FISHER, Rachel and Nathan Patrick, Provo, boy, Aug. 16.

FORSGREN, Jimett and Thomas Howard, Provo, girl, Aug. 15.

GADD, Nina Rachelle and John Thomas, Pleasant Grove, boy, August 19

GALLOWAY, Jillian Marie and Nathan Dell, Santaquin, girl, Aug. 15.

GARBETT, Shana Marie and Curtis Michael, South Jordan, girl, Aug. 15.

GONZALEZ, Luz Karine and Andy Enrique, Provo, boy, Aug. 16.

INTER, Lori and Thomas Matthew, Provo, girl, August 21

GLEASON, Coni Spring and Jeffrey David, Provo, boy, August 20

GLENN, Amy Lee and Scott Eugene, Orem, girl, August 21

GONZALEZ, Ana Isabel, and HERNANDEZ, David Moralis, Orem, girl, Aug. 17.

GOMEZ, Maria Cristina and Gabino Sr., Provo, boy, August 20

GROSS, Heather and Clayton Frank, Springville, boy, August 21

HANCHETT, Joyce Marie and Michael Shane, Provo, boy, August 21

HANKS, Emily Anne and David Lee, Tooele, girl, Aug. 17.

HENNE, Kelly Marie and Nathan Edward, Provo, boy, August 21

HALL, Kristie Belinda and Robert Franklin II, Santaquin, girl, Aug. 16.

HARPER, Nicole Debra and Jason Shane, Mapleton, boy, Aug. 15.

HARRISON, Lark and Stephen C., Spanish Fork, girl, Aug. 16.

HARWOOD, Wendy and Nathan Alan, American Fork, boy, Aug. 15.

HATCH, Lezlee and Brian Robert, Mapleton, boy, August 20

HERBERT, Jennifer and Chad Dale, Santaquin, girl, Aug. 16.

HUNT, Michelle and Sterling, Orem, girl, August 20

IACOPINI, Carla Veronica and Jorge Mauricio, Orem, boy, August 21

IVERSON, Julie Ann and Scott Allen, Orem, boy, August 21

JOHNSON, Karyn and Ryan Noel, Provo, girl, Aug. 16.

LAMB, Karen and Richard Gene, Spanish Fork, girl, Aug. 15.

LAMB, Shannon Kerry and Ryan Christopher, Orem, boy, August 18

LOFGRAN, Natalie and David Herman, Orem, boy, Aug. 15.

MARTINEZ, Leticia and ALCAZAR-OCEGUERA, Provo, girl, August 18

McGEE, Dena and Travis Barry, Eagle Mountain, boy, Aug. 15.

MORTENSON, Vonda Kay and David Ned, Springville, boy, August 20

NEEDLES, Heidi Lanae and Jasn Michael, Lindon, girl, Aug. 16.

NIXON, Deborah Ann and Brandon Douglas, Orem, boy, Aug. 17.

OLSON, Tiffany and Gregory Burl, Provo, girl, Aug. 15.

OROZCO, Kari Jean and Eric Ricardo, Tooele, girl, August 20

PALFREYMAN, Mena Rochelle and Regan Joseph, Woodland Hills, girl, August 19

PAYSTRUP, Paige and Scott Nolen, Springville, girl, August 20

PHILLIPS, Elizabeth and David Bryan, Orem, girl, August 18

PIERCE, Annie Elizabeth and Cory Jack, Orem, boy August 20

POULSEN, Jennifer and Brad James, Springville, girl, Aug. 15.

PREECE, Lara and David Norman, Provo, girl, August 20

REES, Shelli Lynne and Lawrence Anthony, Santaquin, girl, Aug. 16.

RIDDLE, Jamie Lynne and Richard Bruce Jr., Provo, boy, Aug. 16.

RILEY, Jodi Kae and John-David, Provo, boy, Aug. 17.

ROBERTSON, Kristy and Michael Madsen, Spanish Fork, girl, Aug. 16.

ROYLANCE, Rachel Elizabeth and David Anthony, Pleasant Grove, boy, Aug. 15.

RYAN, Claudia Dawn and Michael Pendragon, Provo, girl, August 20

SELLERS, Rebekah and Michael Dennis, Orem, boy, Aug. 15.

SEPULVEDA, Maria Olga and Ricardo, Orem, boy, August 20

SHAW, Sommer Jean and FRANKLIN, Benjamin Chance, Parowan, girl, August 21

SMITH, Galin Rae and Adam Ryan, Orem, boy, Aug. 16.

SMITH, Patricia Ann and Christian Burdette, Highland, girl, August 21

SNARR, Leslie Ann and Erik Martin, Provo, girl, Aug. 16.

STRONG, Heidi, Provo, boy, August 21

TAYLOR, Kami Lyn and Jeremie J., Springville, boy, Aug. 16.

TRAFNY, Sara Dawn, and COX, Robert William, Lindon, girl, Aug. 16.

VIGOREN, Jeanmarie and Scott T., Provo, girl, August 20

WANG, Ru-Yi and KUO, Chao-Ping, Provo, girl, August 21

WARD, Celeste Irene and Aaron Toru, Provo, ;girl, Aug. 16.

WASHBURN, Jessica Ruth and Alan Dean, Provo, girl, Aug. 16.

WATSON, Heather Kristine and Michael Paul, Mapleton, girl, August 21

WEST, Laura Lee and Benjamin Alexander, Orem, girl Aug. 16.

XU, Li and DING, Yihong, Provo, girl, August 21