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Fed gives, state takes

SHARE Fed gives, state takes

Of course my wife and I deposited our $600 tax rebate check President Bush promised. But it's good that we did not spend it because the state of Utah not only wants it, but it now has it.

The State Tax Commission decided this year to "revise" the amount it wants to collect for the calendar year 1999. I did not make a mistake of any kind on my 1999 taxes. In the letter from the Tax Commission it clearly states that the only change being made — is being made by the tax commission. They have "revised the Utah income tax" for the tax year 1999.

Of course their revision is in their favor but they are also penalizing me for not thinking 2 1/2 years into the future and charging me interest for the revision that they just made! Am I supposed to go to a psychic every tax season from now on to see if the State Tax Commission will change the tax tables over two years into the future so that I can pay the "revised" tax now and not have to pay a penalty in the future?

Oh yes, the "revised" amount that my wife and I have to pay? $620. Coincidence? I doubt it. Now I know why Governor Leavitt changed his mind on taxing the rebate.

Quinn Webb

Salt Lake City