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Thank Welch, Johnson

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I concur with the remarks of Ralph Klomp (Deseret News Readers' Forum, Aug. 21) regarding the Olympic bid. I recall vividly the gaiety and celebration in Salt Lake City when it was announced as the winner of the 2002 Olympics. Tom Welch and Dave Johnson were the celebrated champions of victory then, but why not any more?

They spent countless hours and dedicated their time organizing and leading the committee and extolling the virtues of Salt Lake City. Maybe they made a mistake, or did they?

I don't know Tom Welch or Dave Johnson, but I wonder how far many of us would have gone to obtain that bid? They were competing against some influential cities. They did what they thought it would take to win. Maybe they used poor judgment or were overzealous, but they were successful. I feel we owe them a debt of gratitude and appreciation.

Nephi Evenson

St. George