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Large retailer selects Daw to supply air entry systems

SHARE Large retailer selects Daw to supply air entry systems

Cleanroom environment company Daw Technologies Inc. said Tuesday it has been picked by a large retailer as one of two suppliers of air entry systems at stores the retailer will build during the next two years.

Salt Lake-based Daw did not identify the retailer.

Daw said its Envirozone air curtain product will be installed in nearly 200 of the planned supercenter stores over the next two years, resulting in total revenue of about $1.25 million. The Envirozone uses a constant vertical stream of air to separate indoor air from the outdoor air.

Daw designs, manufactures and installs clean manufacturing environments such as clean rooms and tool and process enclosures, primarily for semiconductor manufacturers, but the company is looking to diversify beyond clean rooms. Its diversification efforts have included the design and manufacture of propane fueled outdoor stoves and the design, manufacture and installation of a range of air entry systems such as the Envirozone.