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$1.25 UTA fare a bargain

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I just finished reading the recent Deseret News editorial "Don't Gouge Disabled," regarding a proposed UTA rate increase. I don't mean to sound insensitive, but as a taxpayer, I am tired of subsidizing everything for everybody.

I think $1.25 (the proposed increased fare) is very reasonable in this day and age. I choose not to use public transportation, so here's what my monthly transportation expenses amount to: car payments, $800; insurance, $225 (2 adults, 2 teen drivers); gas and maintenance, $200, for a total of $1,225 a month. Add to that the annual inspection/registration fees, and it adds up fast.

Nobody subsidizes any of these costs for me or my family. That means I spend an average of at least $40 per day just to be able to get around, even if I spend the day at home. Gosh, the more I think about it, $1.25 to use public transit seems pretty good.

Scott L. Henry

West Jordan