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Prime minister’s photos of vacation take detour

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Private holiday photos belonging to British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his family ended up in the hands of a bewildered Scottish man after a mix-up by a film processing shop, the Sun newspaper reported.

David Devlin, from Glasgow, told the tabloid he was looking forward to seeing how his snaps from a recent visit to Corfu had turned out but instead was shocked to see pictures of Blair and his children relaxing during a holiday in Italy last year.

"I couldn't believe it when I saw Tony Blair looking back at me. At first I didn't recognize him as he was holding Leo (Blair's baby son) in front of his face. But in the next shot it was obvious," the Sun quoted Devlin as saying.

The Sun, which did not print the photos, said the pictures were taken by Blair's wife Cherie, but it was a mystery how they had ended up in Devlin's hands more than a year after the family had vacationed in Tuscany.

A spokesman for Blair's Downing Street Office said the prime minister was very grateful to have his photographs returned.