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ACLU protests discounts given LDS missionaries

SHARE ACLU protests discounts given LDS missionaries

The American Civil Liberties Union has sent letters protesting discounts given to LDS missionaries at local restaurants.

The ACLU contends that because the discounts, commonly 15 percent, are offered only to LDS missionaries, they discriminate against other religions.

The allegations stem from complaints the ACLU received from Orem resident Judy Bruyette that she had been denied the discount when she visited the Rodizio Grill in Orem with a Catholic priest and a deacon. She was told that the discount was offered only to the LDS missionaries and their families because they were the majority of the residents.

"This is just like offering a 15 percent discount for whites in the South. Just because they are the majority does not mean that a business can discriminate against the minority community," Bruyette said in a news release.

According to the ACLU, the practice violates the Utah Public Accommodations Law that guarantees all persons equal treatment in businesses, regardless of their race, religion or sex. Other restaurants have also offered similar discounts, especially in Utah County.