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Losers: Herriman officials

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When I read "The Winners and the Losers" on Aug. 25, in which you talked about the flooding in South Jordan, I wondered if you heard about Herriman. Last fall, my daughter's neighborhood flooded — not once, but twice. This spring it flooded and then again recently. Mud, rocks and water formed a river on the street. The storm drains (if there are any) were clogged with mud in a few minutes. One home was moved off the foundation by the run-off water, and the owners just walked away, very sad.

The residents of South Jordan have a city that is listening. Herriman Copper Creek subdivision is fighting not only the water but the city officials. Everyone says it's not their problem. The mayor shows up, but he tells the homeowners it's not his problem Well then, whose problem is it?

The county knew that the storm drains were not up to code, but more homes were built. Just who is the responsible party?

My daughter has bruises on her arms from filling sand bags to protect her home. My son-in-law wades in waist-high water in basements trying to pump out the mess.

Is this the American dream? Residents of this community do not leave home on cloudy days.They watch for that first raindrop to fall, hoping this time it will be a mild storm.

I live in the Rose Park area, and I know all about flooding and failure to take responsibility. We lost everything in our basement in the '70s and discovered we were on our own. This is not the picture of life in Utah. This is a nightmare.

Sharon Olson

Salt Lake City