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GOP criticism out of line

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Joe Cannon and Rob Bishop, the chairman and former chairman of the Utah Republican Party, have both stated their concerns about issues that delegates to the recent Republican Organizing Convention voted upon, specifically the decision to close the primary elections to only registered Republican voters.

Over the years I have learned that good leadership is vital in achieving success in any organization. During the recent convention, every delegate was entitled to express an opinion before the final decision was made. The vote was taken and a decision made; now it is the responsibility of a leader to go forth and carry out the wishes of the electorate.

It is counterproductive to criticize and condemn the decisions that were made. There should never be bickering or infighting among the leadership of the organization. Nothing is ever gained by condemning the delegates or their decisions. Leaders should expect support and loyalty from the delegates, but this is also a two-way street.

The difference between a leader and a manager is the same as between a shepherd and a sheepherder. A sheepherder drives the sheep, and a shepherd leads them. I hope that the leaders of the Republican Party will lead, not manage. A leader is trusted to guide the organization and its workers to achieve its goals. If the leadership is divided, trust is destroyed and factions may arise which will destroy the organization from within as well as without.

There are times when silence is golden, if the only comments are negative and critical.

Vern L. Ashcroft

North Logan