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World datelines


LUANDA — One million Angolans will face serious malnutrition in four months unless donors pledge more food immediately, the U.N.'s World Food Program said.


NASSAU — A judge charged a peanut vendor with arson in connection with a fire that gutted several historic buildings and destroyed a popular tourist market.


LONDON — Margaret Thatcher, who casts a long shadow over the Conservative Party more than a decade after relinquishing power, will not attend next month's party conference, her office said.


PRAVETS — Several hundred Bulgarians gathered in the native town of late communist dictator Todor Zhivkov to reinaugurate his monument.


TORONTO — Quick action to save the fragile environment of the Arctic was urged Friday by a summit of World Wildlife Fund leaders from eight Arctic nations.


BOGOTA — A Colombian priest has put a curse on a strip-tease show planned for this weekend at a local discotheque, saying the show promotes "adultery, infidelity and other dirty things," officials said.

El Salvador

SAN SALVADOR — Some 2 million people in and around El Salvador's capital will have to go without tap water next week, officials in the drought-hit Central American nation said.


JOCOTAN — Mayan peasants, reeling under the effects of a drought-triggered famine sweeping Central America, walked for hours in blazing sun to a Guatemalan town in the hope of receiving food.


KINGSTON — Gunmen shot and killed four people in an early morning rampage in Jamaica's capital, the latest incident in three months of sporadic violence linked to gangs with political connections.


TOKYO — Tokyo's city government declared a crackdown on crows on Friday, appointing a team of experts to wipe out the pesky birds that gorge themselves on garbage and squawk menacingly at passers-by.


NAIROBI — Several thousand Kenyan Muslims marched to the Israeli Embassy to protest Israeli government actions against Palestinians, then headed to the president's office to protest alleged discrimination against Kenyans of Arab and Somali ancestry.


MEXICO CITY — A lightning bolt Friday killed six Mexican teenage soccer players who had taken refuge from a sudden rainstorm under a tree, police said.


ABUJA — Churches and mosques were burned in the central Nigerian city of Jos during violent clashes between Christians and Muslims that broke out shortly after Muslim prayers Friday, state radio reported.


ST. PETERSBURG — China's premier said that China and Russia had great potential for economic cooperation as he began talks about trade deals, including airliner sales and a proposed 1,481-mile oil pipeline.

South Africa

SKUKUZA — The charred carcasses of 30 elephants and four rhinoceroses have been recovered at a national park in South Africa where a brush fire killed 23 people, park officials said.

PORT ELIZABETH — Black South Africans prayed and danced in honor of veteran anti-apartheid activist Govan Mbeki, father of President Thabo Mbeki, who will be buried in a township cemetery today.


MEDINA DEL CAMPO — A bull gored an 81-year-old man to death as he filmed a running of the bulls in the central Spanish town of Medina del Campo, the mayor said.

United Nations

The U.N. General Assembly urged all warring groups around the world to observe, once every year, a "Global Cease-Fire Day" to help aid groups carry out their work in areas of conflict.


PRISTINA — Setting aside the conviction of a Serb, Kosovo's U.N.-run Supreme Court said acts committed by Slobodan Milosevic's forces in the province constituted war crimes or crimes against humanity — but not genocide.


HARARE — White farmers were hopeful that an internationally brokered deal to pay them for seized land would end two years of political violence in Zimbabwe.