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BSA harassment is unfair

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In our country there is an ongoing attempt by various groups to sue the Boy Scouts of America to get them to admit homosexuals and remove God from their oath. If these attempts ever prove to be successful, the BSA will have three choices. They can disband. They can acquiesce. They can defy the government order.

If the BSA were to choose the path of defiance, the government would feel entitled to use force to make the BSA comply. In theory, if the BSA stubbornly refused to comply, the actions taken by the government could be very severe. Ultimately, the BSA would either comply or be destroyed.

In the 1600s, the Church of England employed the force of the government to make the Puritans adopt the tenets of the Church of England. The Puritans had three choices. They could disband. They could acquiesce. They could defy the government. They chose to defy the government and were harassed, jailed and ultimately exiled to America.

The question I have is this: Can anyone explain to me what the fundamental difference is between what advocacy groups are trying to do to the BSA now and what the Church of England did to the Puritans in the 1600s?

Brad Daw