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Jennings is too general

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Marianne M. Jennings has hit a new level of audacity with her latest offering (Oddly mesmerizing Condit caps the Clinton Era, Deseret News, Sept. 4). Oh, the column contains the usual diatribe with much of the same conclusions (i.e.; Bill Clinton is the root of all evil, Anita Hill and Oprah Winfrey are his mistresses), but then she sneaks in a whopper.

She couldn't just leave well enough alone with her position that Gary Condit is a womanizing liar, a fact that most Americans accept. She has to tip the scales of reasonableness by pointing out that Mr. Condit's staff claims that he "disappears for hours without a cell phone" and then she claims that this is the "classic behavior of a philanderer."

If one's desire to get away from the demands of work and worry for a few hours of rest and meditation is "the classic behavior of a philanderer" then I'm afraid there are a lot of us out there. This ridiculous assertion on the part of Ms. Jennings is an all too common example of her maniacal prose.

Please Ms. Jennings, feel free to continue to exercise your right to express your side of the political argument, but let's remember the immortal words of Joe Friday, "Just the facts, ma'am."

K. Lamonte John

Burke, Va.