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Olympus High too hot

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Upon entering Olympus High School each day, I've been amazed at how quickly I warm up from the brisk morning ride to school. Unfortunately, minutes later the temperature is far too hot to go unnoticed. Everywhere, sweaty students give lifeless stares in the sweltering heat. All day teachers have multiple fans running, giving relief to those who are in the direct path of air. These fans also make it hard to hear what is trying to be taught and cause any loose papers to go into flight; my attempt to make a collage in art class was futile.

All this suffering got me searching for a solution. Maybe school administrators could add some well-positioned, high-powered fans at the ends of the long halls to circulate the hot, stagnant air throughout the school.

Also, instead of at the end of the school day locking the whole building up airtight and saving all that hot air for us the next day, couldn't they just open the windows for the night to take advantage of the free air conditioning outside? Teachers then could actually close their windows in the morning to preserve the cool climate that was present during the night. I realize ground-level windows might need to be kept closed for security reasons.

Either of these ideas seem simple enough to at least try. Maybe the student body's attention can be focused on learning, instead of the heat.

Clayton Kimball