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Time to conserve, raise water level, Leavitt says

SHARE Time to conserve, raise water level, Leavitt says

The water level in the state is lower than it has been in generations. And Gov. Mike Leavitt says now is the time to raise it.

The governor announced Saturday that he has formed a Water Conservation Coalition from several conservancy districts and plans an educational initiative to develop a long-term conservation ethic for the state.

Over the past three years Utah has experienced dry weather, an increase in population and a new thirst for using water. According to the governor's office, it is "vital that Utahns conserve water during the next two months to help ensure an adequate supply for next spring."

The governor is asking people to refrain from watering their lawns between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. and to adjust their timed sprinklers to suit the season. Those two "tips" are at the heart of a media campaign encouraging Utahns to conserve.

As for the coalition, Larry Anderson of the Department of Natural Resources says its goal will be "to significantly reduce per capita water consumption throughout the state." The coalition will measure consumption patterns around the state to see what impact the new programs are having.