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‘Jesus approach’ is answer

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In all my years of reading the Deseret News I have never read a more profound, clear, insightful article than the one by Ted Wilson and LaVarr Web published in your Dec. 23 issue on the subject stated in the title: "Teachings of Jesus could save the world."

One metaphor they use is a priceless gem of truth never more clearly expressed!

"Government attempts to change society from the top down. Jesus would change society from the bottom up. Government relies on force and coercion. Jesus relies on a change of heart. One approach flails at the leaves and branches of problems; the other chops away the roots."

Other statements of basic significance:

"His most simple teachings — turn the other cheek, love your enemy, be chaste and virtuous, do unto others as you would have them do unto you — are so profound and revolutionary as to change the world if we would only live them. His Sermon on the Mount provides a blueprint for living that if followed, would create happy homes, vibrate neighborhoods and peaceful and prosperous nations."

"The secret of making it {the Jesus approach} is this: Each individual must implement it within his or her own heart."

At last after many long years of my trying through my letters to strike at the tap-root of the Israel-Palestinian problem, you have published an answer to my prayers!

Congratulations for selecting and publishing such an outstanding article at this glorious Christmas season!

Arthur B. Erekson