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Alliance broadens membership

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The Alliance for Unity, a group of community and religious leaders who promote diversity and tolerance, has extended quasi-membership to the rest of the community through Circles of Unity.

Any group can form a Circle of Unity if it subscribes to the same values as the original alliance, and the circles will maintain contact with each other and the alliance.

Girl Scouts of Utah will form the first circle of unity.

"As we celebrate our 90th anniversary, Girl Scouts throughout Utah pledge to actively participate with the Alliance for Unity in furthering its mission and purpose," said Sharon Stetz, chief executive of Girl Scouts of Utah.

The group must promote and accept diversity of all types — including religious, ethnic and cultural. Circles are free to hold meetings and activities as long as they comply with the spirit of the alliance.

Founding members are industrialist Jon Huntsman, Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson, Deseret News editor John Hughes, Salt Lake Tribune editor Jay Shelledy and 14 others.