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Spoon edges should be smooth

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Dear Heloise: I read your "experi-hints." One hint advises to use a WOODEN SPOON TO APPLY LOTION to legs. One must be very sure that the wooden spoon has no rough edges or any areas that could leave a splinter or scratch the leg. Maybe a very smooth, plastic, long-handled spoon would be better since it would not be made of wood that could splinter.

Also, individuals who must use a cane/walker would be unable to empty a potty chair (which is placed next to the bed at night — Heloise) the next day. Some individuals would be unable to manage some of the large containers that are a part of these commodes. Would it not be better to use a night light or turn on a light before going to the bathroom?

I have been a nurse for more than 23 years, the past 10 in the home health field. I have worked with elderly patients who would have a problem with the bedside commode related to the points mentioned above. — Anne, Via e-mail

Thanks for your comments about a few of the experi-hints readers shared recently concerning independent living. — Heloise

Here's another good experi-hint:

After my elderly parent fell in the shower, I came up with the following idea: At a discount warehouse store, I purchased a large roll (about 26 inches wide) of rubberized, waffled drawer liner. I cut it to fit the entire bottom of the tub to stabilize the tub chair. It's better than a bathmat because the whole tub bottom can be covered and because of the waffle design, it dries very rapidly.

Hope this helps someone avoid a fall in the tub. — Barbara, Via e-mail

Dear Heloise: I have a family calendar hung in my kitchen that is in plain view. I tape a family picture on the calendar for each month.

On special dates, I write the appointments, meetings, etc., plus a phone number and time.

This way, I can see if there's something I have to do on a particular day. — Agnes Gerlich, Houston

Dear Heloise: We receive adhesive-backed, preprinted address labels in the mail. Send them to family and friends to stick in their address books.

If any one should move, you can put the new label over the old label. I've done this a few times, and everyone says, "What a wonderful idea!" — Brenda Kazda, Middletown, Ohio

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