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Homeless no more

Hildie has a new home. Two months ago, the future looked bleak for the 13-year-old black pug, dropped off anonymously at an animal shelter. Hildie was nearly deaf and had badly decaying teeth. But the dog was rescued from the shelter, groomed and had her bad teeth extracted. And at one of the No More Homeless Pets in Utah holiday adoptions, she caught the eye of Bobbie Adkins, a woman willing to love an old dog for the rest of its life.

Hildie is one of 3,800 animals that found new homes during the campaign, which ran from Nov. 10 to Jan. 5 and encouraged the adoption of pets from shelters and rescue groups. That's a record-setting number, notes Temma Martin, spokeswoman for the campaign. However, she says, the reality is that thousands of other animals were euthanized and hundreds more remain in shelters. "Every year we make more progress toward having more animals adopted than euthanized, but we're not there just yet." For information on adoption, call 364-0370.