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Assistant principal, teacher brawl as students watch

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NEW YORK — School violence usually involves students hitting students or, less frequently, students hitting teachers. But last week, Fort Hamilton High School in Brooklyn witnessed fighting on a different level.

A fight between an assistant principal and a teacher ended with two arrests last Friday — and four stitches for the assistant principal, the police and witnesses said.

The fight, witnessed by more than 50 children and teenagers, began after a disagreement over the use of the school's pool, in a kind of turf war that happens at many schools but rarely reaches this level of animosity.

Last Friday at 5 p.m., the police said, Thomas Greene, an assistant principal of Fort Hamilton High in Bay Ridge, was pushed to the floor by a physical education teacher as he tried to enter the first-aid room of the swimming pool, which happens to be named after him.

According to witnesses, the fight broke out because Greene tried to come into the pool area half an hour before a community team he coaches was scheduled to practice.

Lt. Brian Burke, a police spokesman, said that parents called the police to report the fight. The teacher, Marie Neto, and Greene were arrested and charged with assault, police said.

Pending an investigation by the school board, both Neto and Greene have been reassigned.