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Confusion then hope in Smith’sTix lines

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A shout came from the front of the line at the Smith's in Provo right at 7 a.m. Thursday. "There's still tickets for Dave Matthews!" The crowd roared its approval.

A lot of confusion over whether certain bands were already sold out for the Medals Plaza has been prevalent all over Utah for the last few days.

Confusing signs that said tickets would not be available for Dave Matthews Band, Brooks and Dunn, 'N Sync and others adorned many Smith'sTix desks Wednesday. Some Smith's employees were also telling the people in line that they would not be able to get tickets to these acts even if their wristband numbers were chosen to get tickets.

The signs are gone today, but many people who were there for the second-wave wristbands are still confused. Smith'sTix general manager Deirdre Hill said it was all just a big mix-up.

"The signs were for the Olympics volunteers who were picking up their Medals Plaza tickets (Wednesday)," Hill said. "For each group that received tickets (i.e. sponsors, volunteers, the general public) there was a certain amount of tickets to each concert set aside."

This means that country fans still have a shot at getting Brooks and Dunn tickets Monday and parents can take their teenage girls to get wristbands today for the chance to see *NSync, one of the bands in the third wave.

Many Smith's stores also have imposed various age limits on who could get wristbands, with cutoffs ranging from babies to 16 years old. Hill said Smith'sTix leaves it up to each store to decide, but they generally advise that if the child can say their name and address, then they can get a wristband.

Hill also said that she hopes everyone will respect the new rules and not try to get a wristband today if they got one Wednesday.

"We want people to share the wealth," Hill said. "We are asking people to please be honest. We can't ask our stores to police everybody; it would just be too much."

Wristbands were snatched up Wednesday in a big way. The Smith's at 800 S. 876 East in Salt Lake City gave out 1,715 wristbands, while the Smith's in Provo gave out more than 1,700.

SLOC President Mitt Romney said Tuesday the amount of tickets each Smith's will be able to give out will be proportional to how many wristbands the store gave out.

Wristbands for the third wave of tickets will be given out today until 8 p.m. The winning wristband numbers for both the second and third waves will be printed in the newspaper Sunday.

Thursday morning, wristband holders from the first wave received their tickets, with Dave Matthews, Foo Fighters and Barenaked Ladies snapped up quickly.

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