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No bias in crackdown

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In the times in which we currently live, anything and everything that seemingly targets a minority group automatically becomes a case of discrimination. Such was the recent situation at Salt Lake City International when some 67 Hispanics were arrested, possibly under suspicion of possible terrorism.

In reaction to the incident, the Hispanic community instantly bounced back in protest that these individuals were arrested because of their ethnicity. I think it's nice that minority groups keep tabs on the discrimination battle, as society occasionally does need a slap back into reality when injustice is committed, but right now the Hispanic community is wrongly claiming the part of the victim.

Regardless of what most have been led to believe, a background check was run on ALL the security employees at SLC International, not just Hispanics. In fact, it wasn't just Hispanics who were fired or arrested. The reason that those people were arrested was a valid one — they lied on their job applications and were illegal immigrants. Last time I checked, lying on an application was considered fraud, and being an illegal immigrant was still grounds for arrest, even if you're white.

What people need to realize is that just because something victimizes an individual of minority background doesn't always mean it's a case of discrimination. Sometimes, there are actual valid reasons why people suffer — because they broke the law. If a white person killed a black person in Kenya, they'd get arrested for breaking the law, not because they were the minority, and therefore "bad." Being a minority isn't illegal, but lying on an application and sneaking over the border is.

Tiffiny Kaye Whitney