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This week in Church history

75 years ago

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Upon returning to Salt Lake City on Jan. 12, 1927, after two weeks in Southern California, President Heber J. Grant said, "The growth of the California mission and the Los Angeles Stake during the past year has been very satisfactory." (Deseret News, Jan. 13, 1927.)

During his visit to California, President Grant, accompanied by his wife, Augusta, dedicated three meetinghouses and attended Church meetings.

The newspaper also noted that he had time for relaxation. He attended the Rose Bowl football game on New Year's Day, calling the 7-7 contest between Stanford and Alabama "intensely interesting." He also played golf several times.

President and Sister Grant traveled by automobile and train to Los Angeles, stopping in Cedar City to attend a funeral.

The day following the Rose Bowl, President Grant dedicated the Huntington Park meetinghouse. The article stated, "The chapel has a seating capacity of between seven and eight hundred people, and is one of the finest Church buildings, if not the very best, that the Church has in California. It compares favorably with the best ward buildings in Utah."

He also dedicated the Home Gardens and Lankershim meetinghouses.