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Film is refreshing change

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How long has it been since you attended a movie and came out of it feeling good and uplifted, even shedding a few tears and being unashamed as others looked at you?

The day before New Year's my wife, her sister and I went to see the movie "The Other Side of Heaven," based on a true story by Elder John Groberg of his experiences on his misson to Tonga. The theater was packed and as the show progressed there were scenes of joy, fear, disaster and sadness. It was amazing to witness the trials that he went through and lived to tell about. It gives you a fresh insight into the lives of the people of Tonga. We saw the great faith they had and the charity they had for friends and strangers.

There were no profanity, sexual scenes or violence, and it was indeed refreshing, to say the least. The patrons came out with smiles on their faces, as opposed to the looks of those coming out of some of the other theaters. It is too bad that we don't have the opportunity to see more films of this caliber, where we can take our children and have a nice experience together.

Thank you, Elder Groberg, for being a humble missionary and for keeping an informative journal of your mission to Tonga. Thank you for sharing it with us so that we may be lifted by your experiences. Thanks to those who made the film, for not being afraid to give the public a welcome change in entertainment. There are still many who welcome good movies and also many great stories to tell.

Donald A. Thayne