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Put officials in classroom

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Alan Stallings of Salt Lake City is executive vice president of Equity Title. A former elementary school teacher, Stallings, who is married and has five children, is a graduate of the University of Utah. His letter was selected for its insightfulness regarding the dilemma of a shortage of substitute teachers in Utah.

Two birds with one stone is how I define an idea that is at least a step in the right direction when it comes to the shortage of substitute teachers in Utah. What would happen if we required each and every administrator to substitute for three full days inside the classroom each year?

This would open up an untapped resource for substitute teachers, at the same time keeping the administrators in touch with the classroom. Teachers are similar to many other occupations in that they are often promoted away from what they do best. With teachers, we take them out of the classroom and make them administrators.

Don't get me wrong. We need good administrators who have been successful teachers, but let's still use them as a resource. What would the cost be of letting them back into the classroom as part of their contract, to alleviate the huge demand for substitute teachers?

Alan Stallings

Salt Lake City

Originally published Dec. 31, 2001