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Don’t raise fishing fees

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The Ray Grass article, "Town fisheries plan moves a step forward" (Dec. 20), raises a question: Whose benefit is this project really for?

Perhaps I'm misinformed as to where this abundance of fish will come from now that some of our hatcheries are down. The take from Strawberry Reservoir is being lowered, or will be even more, as that popular fishing hole sees increase in fishermen, and anglers refuse to just catch and release! These "ponds" for kids will most likely have to be restocked completely each year because of their lack of water or shallowness, resulting in fish kill.

I love to see kids fish. I enjoy taking kids with me ice fishing, but I fail to see the reason for the increase in license fees. Kids get to fish free, no license is needed when accompanied by an adult who has a license.

A million dollars a year doesn't seem all that much when one thinks of only a $3 per license increase, but I'm old enough to remember a $2.50 license fee — 10 years equals $14.5 million. What about increased officers to patrol all these "pot holes" and cost of doing business? Are there other amenities we sportsmen are not privy to that are on future agendas which coffers need lining?

The easiest way to raise money has always been increase fees! Doesn't someone have a better idea? If I were a private fishing pond entrepreneur, I would be screaming foul.

Wesley G. Eatchel