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Protest for Trib reporter

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How's this for loyalty?

It has come to my attention that my longtime friend Dick Rosetta, a sports writer and columnist for the Salt Lake Tribune, has had his Winter Olympic reporting credential stripped by his editor because he has decided to accept a once-in-a-lifetime honor of carrying the Olympic torch.

For nearly 39 years, Rosetta has dedicated his life to covering Utah sports for the Tribune statewide, achieving along the way a National High School Hall of Fame induction in Washington, D.C., in 1999. Only because he chose to represent his state, country and family in becoming one of only some 11,500 people to carry the torch, the editor of the Tribune cited a conflict of interest since Rosetta is covering Olympic figure skating events.

Please explain to me, if there is anyone out there beyond the Tribune editor who understands this. For a brotherhood of mankind gesture, for proudly representing his country and state, Rosetta is being penalized by one man, who I understand to be editor Jay Shelledy. It is mind-boggling that Tribune publisher Dominic Welch and Tribune columnist Robert Kirby are carrying the torch without any hint of a conflict of interest.

Rosetta had been scheduled to cover Olympic figure skating and had covered events and researched figure skating since October 2000, traveling to Colorado Springs, Boston, Vancouver and Toronto for background.

For 39 years of loyalty to the Tribune and carrying the Olympic torch, this is the loyalty he gets in return? It is just not right. If you agree, e-mail, fax or express your disbelief in some manner to the editor of the Tribune. I'm sure they will love to hear from you.

Curt Landes