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Euro a new world ploy

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All of Europe now operates on the same currency. Germany has been printing that currency for the past five years that I know of. I am referring to the euro, and it was originally intended to be the currency of the new world government. Whether that is still in place or not remains to be seen.

It would not surprise me to see America's financial problems culminate into bankruptcy for the purpose of replacing our present currency with the euro. Most of the world uses the dollar. If America changed to the euro, most of the agenda to create a one world government would be accomplished, and melting down America would be much easier.

Our government already signed the U.N.'s agenda 21 and has been implementing the U.N.'s wild lands project to push millions of people off their land to create vast nature preserves off limits to people.

There is a strong movement to reintroduce God into our society and prayer into our schools. If it succeeds, there is reason to believe that America will not become any further enslaved by the people bent on a one world government supported largely by the American people. If it fails, we will suffer the future that our sins have earned us. Nevertheless, if we cannot save our nation, we can save ourselves. Find God, keep the freedom.

Donald Hofstetter

Mountain Home, Idaho