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Annexations are concern

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I am concerned about the unincorporated area of Salt take County that is slowly diminishing prime commerical real estate through annexation by adjoining cities. Cities continue to pick and choose the highest tax-producing properties such as hotels, office buildings and retail centers and integrate them into their tax bases.

All of the unincorporated residential areas have need for costly services such as garbage disposal, fire protection and police protection. Without the commercial areas to help pay for these services, the residential areas are left to fund the services by themselves.

Cities should not be allowed to arbitrarily grab whatever tax base they can. We either need a county government that will take a stand, or all areas of the county need to be included in adjacent cities. It seems as though we are paying for a layer of government that has no function anymore.

What are the unincorporated areas going to do? Will services decrease or will taxes increase to cover for the lost tax base?

Trent Nelson

Salt Lake City