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Sox decline late offer, will sell to Henry

SHARE Sox decline late offer, will sell to Henry

BOSTON — The owners of the Boston Red Sox declined Sunday to pursue a late $700 million offer to buy the team and they reconfirmed their Dec. 20 decision to accept a $660 million bid from a group led by Florida financier John Henry.

"We always knew people would fight very hard to own the Red Sox, and that emotions would run high. But enough is enough," Red Sox chief executive John Harrington said in a statement. "It is obvious that there will be another round of criticism from the disappointed. So be it. This is the best decision for the trust and the foundation because it has the highest probability of closing."

Harrington runs the Jean R. Yawkey Trust, which owns a 53 percent controlling share of the Red Sox.

"Whether in business or in personal dealings, an important principle is honoring a deal agreed to between two parties," Henry said in a statement. "We appreciate that the limited partners and the trust share this principle with us."

Meanwhile, a 45-minute telephone conversation between Massachusetts Attorney General Thomas Reilly and baseball commissioner Bud Selig did little to answer Reilly's questions about Selig's role in the sale of the team.

"We won't get specifically into what was discussed, but it was not that helpful," Ann Donlan said. "It yielded very little new information."

Reilly is trying to determine if Selig's office improperly guided the Red Sox into accepting the Henry group's bid.