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Dole buys childhood home to bolster her Senate bid

SHARE Dole buys childhood home to bolster her Senate bid

Elizabeth Dole bought the childhood home where her 100-year-old mother still lives, giving her residency in the state she wants to represent in the U.S. Senate.

Dole had not lived in North Carolina for 40 years before taking title to the 712 S. Fulton St. property in Salsbury. A deed is dated Dec. 26, 2001.

Dole used the address when she changed her voter registration last year from Kansas to North Carolina and had frequently stayed there during visits.

"Liddy didn't feel right about living there without taking over the ownership of the house because she'll be living in a large part of the house," said her older brother, John Hanford of Charlotte.

Dole, who is seeking the Republican nomination to replace the retiring Jesse Helms in the Senate, bought the home for $350,000. The house was valued at $221,145 for tax purposes in 1999.

Dole's father left the home in a marital trust to his wife, Mary Hanford. Her two children are co-trustees. Dole bought the house from the trust.

"It's just about as simple a transaction as you could ever encounter — a trust selling it to an individual based on appraised values and everything else," John Hanford said.

Through a spokeswoman, Elizabeth Dole said the house "is my childhood home. It's wonderful to be the proud owner, and mother and I are both very happy about it."