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Tally ho! Fox outfoxes D.C. police, officers — and hounds

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WASHINGTON — Police, animal control officers and even a small pack of foxhounds could not find a fox that ran into the underground garage at the Supreme Court building.

The fox hunt began after a court police officer spotted the animal running down a driveway toward the garage Sunday morning, court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said Monday. A security camera also recorded the animal entering the parking garage.

The rear door of the garage was closed, so police figured they had the creature trapped. The fox, type unknown, eluded both police and District of Columbia animal control officers. A Virginia fox-hunting club then volunteered to send in the hounds.

No horses accompanied the two foxhounds and one border terrier on their rounds of the garage and adjoining basement. The dogs apparently picked up a faint trail but did not find the fox, Arberg said.

"It's possible that he's not here, but we're going to check again," Arberg said.