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Ex-jailbirds get their own site on Web

SHARE Ex-jailbirds get their own site on Web

LONDON — Ex-British jailbirds, keen to get back in touch with former cellmates or just looking for a getaway driver for the next big bank job, now have a Web site dedicated to their needs — Convicts Reunited.

Set up and run by ex-prisoners, the site allows former crooks to get back in touch, safe in the knowledge that their details will be kept secret.

"This Web site is for convicts and ex-convicts who have either lost contact with old prison inmates or may be looking for fellow cons for their next bank job," says the Web site, www.convictsreunited.com.

"This site is run by ex-convict personnel only, no part of this site was created by non-convicts, so we understand your needs better."

And despite its tongue-in-cheek welcome — "should you find old friends or colleagues . . . you may be able to share those old times again, or work together on your latest venture" — the Convicts Reunited site insists it is not a forum for organizing crime.

"So, sign up now, whether you're a fully fledged jailbird or a mear (sic) speeding fine holder."