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Lawmakers, get real

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As a state employee, I am shocked that a member of the state legislature would suggest having state employees take a day off without pay to help ease the budget shortcomings. Especially since, if my memory is correct, these are the same legislators who voted themselves a raise last session.

Why didn't the story in the paper name those who thought this was a good idea? Maybe they should take some time off without pay to help out. Why is the budget short? Could it be the Olympics?

Don't take me wrong, I like the idea of the Olympics coming. But who is really going to profit from the Games coming here? There are certain businesses that are probably going to do quite well. If not during the Games themselves, but off of the free advertising they'll get for years to come.

Perhaps some of these businesses should fork out some cash to help out. Don't tell me it's all because of the World Trade Center attack. I understand that the feds greatly increased funding for security. I try to be a positive person. But this suggestion makes me wonder about our state legislators.

Robert Bingham