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Fry sauce is more than mayonnaise, ketchup

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"Fry sauce is uniquely Utah," Gary J. Roberts, Arctic Circle president, said, explaining the company doesn't just mix mayonnaise and ketchup together to create it. It contains nine other seasonings — secret ingredients. "There's only one original fry sauce, and Arctic Circle has it," he said.

All the Arctic Circles go through a combined 168 gallons of fry sauce on average each day, compared with only 10 gallons of ketchup.

Fry sauce is catching on in the Oregon and Washington Arctic Circles. The initial demand there was 80 percent of customers wanting ketchup a few years ago. Now, 80 percent want fry sauce. In Utah, 95 percent desire fry sauce.

Arctic Circle's headquarters in Midvale receives three or more requests a week from around the world for fry sauce samples/orders.