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Homeless protest stirs controversy

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A protest planned to coincide with Opening Ceremonies aims to raise awareness of the homeless. But some of Salt Lake's homeless people fear it may do more harm than good.

This could be one of the largest homeless marches to ever be held in Utah. And, therein lies the problem. News Specialist Lisa Conley reports.

Organizers are planning on bringing in thousands of homeless people from all around the country to march for their cause.

Local homeless are worried their services will be compromised because of it.

The plan is clear. Organize a grand scale march during the Olympic Opening Ceremonies and gain world attention for their message: "End Homelessness in America".

The effort is called "March for our Lives" and is sure to gain attention, but some local homeless are asking, at what expense?

March organizers will be bringing in thousands of homeless people from all over the country to march with them.

That fact raises concern with Utah homeless who say they already have limited services, and the influx of homeless marchers will only make it worse.

Asked if she'll march with them on Feb. 8, Chantelle Young, a homeless teen, said, "I don't think so, no. I mean, I support the rights, but I dont support them bringing all these people here."

Organizers say they've made housing and food arrangements for all their homeless guests, and they'll make sure they all leave after the event.

Actor Mark Webber isn't worried about that. He plans to support and participate in the march no matter what.

Webber is starring in "The Laramie Project" at Sundance. He's using his new found star power to lend some weight to this issue that happens to be extremely close to his heart.

"I used to be homeless for two years in the streets of Minneapolis," Webber said. "I know what it's like first hand to not have any place to sleep, nothing to eat. Fortunately for me, right now, my dream has come true."

If all goes as planned, Webber will help lead thousands of homeless marchers to Rice Eccles stadium. It's here they hope to make their voices heard around the world.