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Yule letters lack class

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Once again the Christmas season proves too tempting for some families who jump at the chance to advertise their every talent and success. Like desperate teens hoping to be crowned most popular these families use the traditional Christmas card and annual letter as a public relations campaign. Not content to tout their every talent and success these families must also mention exotic vacations, luxury items bought and their expensive hobbies.

Ignoring the distinct possibility (or certain knowledge) that these letters will be received by families struggling financially, battling disease or praying in behalf of their challenged child, these nouveau riche and tactless families reveal their hopeless lack of class.

To twist the warm tradition of Christmas greetings into bragging rights is the antithesis of the season of giving. Wise families may be proud ofthemselves but will be so privately. They will know how to send warm greetings with a gracious family update without sinking into narcissism and braggadocio.

Derek White